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Friday, 15 November 2013

Has Versace gone GAGA?

Rumours are flying around regarding a possible collaboration between close pals Donatella Versace and Lady Gaga. The pair have been friends for years thanks to Donatella gifting Gaga one of her Vintage Versace dresses which was worn in her Edge of Glory music video back in 2011. The Italian designer also designed Gaga's costumes for her Born This Way tour which toured worldwide; Gaga shared her love for the chain-smoking, fashion queen on her latest album 'ART POP' dedicating track 10 (Donatella) to her pal, Versace.

Photo: Starcount

Photo: Digital Spy

Photo: Zimbio

So with this in mind and with endless rumours circulating, it seems sense that Donatella makes Gaga the face of the Spring/Summer 2014 Versace campaign...watch this space...

Meanwhile...yesterday in New York Lady Gaga was celebrating her latest album release (ART POP)with the grand opening of the H&M in Times Square. Gaga was the latest celebrity to collaborate with the global fashion brand, however, don't expect to see any wacky clothing taking to the shelves, unfortunately (or..fortunately) Gaga will not be designing the range, instead she will be the brand ambassador for their latest collection and well we can expect to see her face everywhere...

 Photo: Amusio

Photo: My Daily News

Photo: Elle

Not only did customers and fans get to enjoy the 24 hour opening time, but were able to meet the fabulous extrovert herself; along with receiving hourly offers and fashion giveaways...NOW WHY WASN'T THIS IN LONDON!!!!!

Bea {x}

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Taylor Swift For Victoria Secret Tonight

Boys BEWARE: If you date Taylor Swift..prepare to have a song written about you and listened to by millions and maybe even be No1(not neccessarily a nice song either..). She is the most successful female singer worldwide and the richest woman under the age of 25. I absolutely adore her and find every song so relatable...I mean how many of us have sat there and been like 'I hear ya'. From being in love with someone that doesn't know you love them, to falling in love and having your heart broken into a million tiny pieces; she sings it all!

Taylor Swift (Google)

This year good old Tay Tay has been selected to perform at the Victoria Secret 2013 Fashion show alongside Fall out boy, Neon jungle and Great big world for the world's most eagerly anticipated, dazzling showcase of the year. Taylor Swift will follow in the footsteps of musical giants such as Justin Bieber, Jay Z, Rihanna and Kanye west as she performs alongside some of the world's sexiest and most beautiful women...the Victoria Secret Angels.

Behati Prinsloo is one of the Victoria Secret Angels that will be walking the catwalk in tonight's show

The show will take place today in New York, so as the Angels get ready to ruffle their feathers and strut their stuff, we can all prepare to be draw-droppingly jealous at the sublime figures and the dazzling diamonds...lets not forget this years Royal Fantasy Bra, which is rumoured to be worth $10 million...set to be modelled by blonde bombshell, Candice Swanepoel.

VS Angel Karlie Kloss will wear  this tonight - The 'Wonderwoman Wings'

Candice Swanepoel in the $10 million Royal Fantasy Bra

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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Brooooooching with Chanel

It's pretty obvious that I bloody love a Peter Pan collar and a shirt, and I am forever finding new accessories to place bang in the middle of the collar; be it a ribbon tied in a bow, a rose brooch or a chunky necklace. However, I have always wanted a Chanel brooch to place there and well... I got what I wanted ohhhhh yaaaaaarrrrrrr!!!! Love Love my latest addition..

Bea {x} 

Monday, 11 November 2013

Hair Trend: Balayage Highlights

I want a
change...What shall I do to my hair? Should I go dark? Shall I dye it blonde? Well my gosh, these are the annoying questions that I get myself in a tizz about, being an indecisive Libran and all. I made a Facebook status to try and gain the advice of friends and family and these seemed to be quite controversial, my dad even tried to 'dadmail me' (emotional blackmailed by my father..).

Meanwhile, one of my oldest school friends, Sasha, phoned me instantly to insist that I do NOT go back dark, "Bianca (she refuses to call me Bea) you are not dying your hair dark, everyone is lying it makes you look pale, your nose looks bigger and well it looks like you are going bald where your hair grows back...they don't want you to look pretty". This was so priceless...but so true...not the pretty part though, I hope!

After weeks of contemplation, I finally came to the decision that I would keep my hair strawberry blonde rather then going back dark...lets not forget I was once so dark you could have mistaken me for Wednesday Adams..not so pretty.

I booked myself into Urban Retreat in Harrods as I felt like I needed pampering and wanted a day full of 'ME time'. Mattia, my hairdresser was angry at the thought of me changing my hair or even going blonder ("People pay so much money to try and get this colour (strawberry blonde/ginger)" rah rah rah) and so he persuaded me into having Balayage Highlights which he insists are the best and most natural form of highlights and well I was so chuffed with the results I am most definitely going to have it done again.

* * *

What is Balayage?
Balayage is a coloring technique used to create sun-kissed, natural-looking highlights. Used as an alternative to foil highlighting, it is the action in which hair color is swept or painted on to the hair to create depth and dimension.

Balayage is the in-salon color service choice among the most discerning clients – celebrities, models and fashionistas – that demand hair color to be designed exclusively for them.(L'oreal proffessional)

* * *
Balayage highlights start at £135 at Harrods, but I would definitely recommend it. 

If you are getting your hair done at Urban Retreat, you can order your lunch to you...now that's table service! Mmmmmm! Don't forget to try the freshly prepared banana, apple and mango smoothie!

Bea {x}