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Thursday, 9 January 2014

Bleu Ciel!

Well I bet you didn't know that Blue Ciel meant Sky Blue in Francais? As the sun peeps out and the rain temporarily draws to a close I opted to store away my puffa jacket for the day and showcase my new baby..my sky blue 'monsters inc' inspired jacket from Zara. I love the collarless neckline and lack of shape that the jacket beholds, it is reminiscent of those in the 60's. Whilst the 60's style slips from beneath our fingers whilst moulding into the 80s scene this season, we can still hold onto mint greens edging into sky blues along with shapeless fits (aka the Shift) and my favourite...the headband. Poppy delevigne is a popular supporter of the 60s chic look along with designers such as Victoria Beckham and Marni continuing A-line skirts, shift dresses and jackets.

Bea {x}

Coat - Zara £129.99/ Skirt - L.O.V.E/ Shirt - Zara/ Headband - American Apparel

No detailing or collar just plain and simple...

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