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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Chanel Les Beiges: 1 day to go

The moment we have all been eagerly anticipating for has finally arrived as we see the launch of Chanel's 'Les Beiges' collection take to the shelves within the top department stores tomorrow morning. I took it upon myself to do some investigating today and had a sneak peak at the new product in the bare powdery flesh. Off I trotted into Harrods, Ipad at the ready and started snapping up some photos of the promotional display; after chatting to the manager I managed to get a sneak peak of all the shades and samples. Unfortunately the UK are only going to be displaying 5 shades, whereas the rest of the world will be issuing 7 - however seeing as I will most likely require the lightest shade (being as pale as I am), I am not complaining.

5 Shades ranging from light to dark to give your skin a dewy, fresh look, RRP £38

The compact powder does not act as a foundation, but more of a setting powder, which aids to create that fresh,dewy look that we often see on the runway on all those 'fresh-faced' models.

So what makes this powder stand out from all the rest I hear you all say?
The powder has 5 uses:
- the lightest shade can be used as a setting powder, whilst the darkest shade can be used as a bronzer
- the powder can also be used to sculpt contour around the face, mainly on the cheekbones
- can be used as a blusher
- paired with Chanel's Kabuki brush can be used as a foundation (when building up coverage)
- used to add radiance to the skin, as you would with an illuminator

Next week Chanel will be launching their latest cosmetic brush made with rabbit hair (soft!!) - This will be called the Kabuki brush and will RRP at £30.The Kabuki brush will create a foundation style effect when used with the 'Les Beiges' powder and will allow users to build up coverage whilst still maintaining the dewy effect (not dry).

I have ordered mine and will see how I find it! I am looking forward to this specific product as I have found that lately my powder has made my skin look dry. Hurry as I am sure they will be swept of the shelves faster than they went on! 


The final packaging is minimalist and classic with a compact brush included

Chanel's campaign for the'Les Beiges' collection

Harrods' promotional display for Chanel's latest craze