"A girl should be two things; Classy and Fabulous" - Coco Chanel

Sunday, 31 March 2013

Quote of the day

"Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world" -Bette Midler

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Urban Education: GEEK CHIC

TOPSHOP is continuing to stock logo branded garments stating; geek, nerd, dweeb and dork upon them. This urban look is continuing to grow and I have to admit I am guilty of purchasing one too many of these garments, as is my good friend Georgia. I rather like the concept of these looks and so I took it upon myself to mix up some of the branded garments straight off of the high-street with something new, something old and something borrowed.

Everyone has a geeky side whether they show it or not. We always see in the movies that it is seen as social-suicide to be the GEEK, and being dubbed the college nerd is most definitely seen as an insult these days. However, I disagree and as seen by Topshop it is now 'cool' to be a geek. Cara Delevigne is in favour of this 'urban education' look and gives it her edge. Topshop has dubbed this range as Urban Education, and has most definitely succeeded in making being the Geek seem trendy.

Here are some looks I put together, all high-street brands (completely and utterly affordable) mainly modelled by the beautiful Georgia Morley...although I do make an appearance. I have also put some looks together without the geek branding, however maintaining a similar style using niche brands such as Serge Denims (created by MIC star Oliver Proudlock) portraying the same high school style. 

Denim shorts - Boutique in Chelsea £65, Cropped top - Topshop £10, Bowler hat - H&M £6.99

Awesome Beanie and Crop Top - Lazy Oaf £20 and £25, Skater Skirt - American Apparel £45, Heeled Hiker Boots - Topshop £85

Burgundy Velvet Hair Schrunchie - Americal Apparel £12, Varsity Jacket - Topshop £48, Ribbed woolen tights - H&M £4.99, Leopard High-Tops - Nike £85

White sleeveless shirt - American Apparel £38, Skater skirt - Topshop £16, DWEEB sweater - Topshop £29

Denim Jacket - American Apparel £65, White shirt - American Apparel £38, Black skater dress - Primark £13, GEEK cropped top - Topshop £16, Black Leather Boots - Topshop £95

Printed Tee - Benetton £15, Faded Ripped Jeans - Topshop £35, Watch - Michael Kors £350, Boots - Topshop £95

Camo Sweater - Serge Denims £60, Denim Wash Skater Skirt - Topshop £22, Grey Beanie - American Apparel £20

Denim Jacket - American Apparel £65, DWEEB Cropped Top - Topshop £16, Denim Shorts - Boutique in Chelsea £65, High-tops - Nike £85

Bea {x}

Staying warm and vibrant this spring

Last week we saw the spring equinox set upon us, yet I still find myself layering up to keep warm. Snow in spring? Global warming continues to baffle me, however as the spring/summer collections are bestowed upon the hangers and shelves, I don't see myself stepping outside wearing a dainty summer dress any time soon. Therefore, a key item is needed to complete any look this season, and that is a jacket. A Moncler puffa jacket (no matter how warm and snuggly they are) screams winter to me and so this season I am loving the suede and leather jackets, furs and classic trenches with pastel and block colours - it's easy to forget that it is even spring right now with such gloomy grey skies outside.

Here are a few of my picks from this season's ready to wear as seen on NET-A-PORTER:

Yves Saint Laurent Leather Biker Jacket £2,575 - NET-A-PORTER
I love this red leather jacket, I think that its unusual as everybody has a classic black leather jacket so why not add some colour this spring. The soft leather allows you to scrunch up the sleeves if needed.

Mulberry Pistachio Tweed Jacket - NET-A-PORTER £
Tweed, TWEED, T.W.E.E.D, no matter what day of the year, I can always find a reason to wear tweed, it looks fabulous on and creates a delectable palette of colours within each woven strand (plus it keeps you warm). Mulberry has created a 50s inspired jacket, which when undone shows characteristics reminiscent of Balenciaga's dropped (round) shoulders  from 1950. Pistachio is a pastel colour, great for setting the scene this spring.
Frayed Tweed Jacket by Lanvin - NET-A-PORTER £1,970
A contemporary choice from Lanvin this spring, with yellow, cream and taupe tones exaggerated by frayed tweed. A more structured jacket in comparison with the Mulberry take on tweed, so pairing this with fitted trousers or a skirt and a shirt would pull together a monochrome look.
Pink Suede Double Biker Jacket by 3.1 Phillip Lim - NET-A-PORTER £1,660
Pink is a garish colour, and I believe that if your going to wear pink it should be complementary, so ensuring the fit is perfect and that it suits your skin tone is key. It is fabulous when someone carries off such a block coloured garment as this and so I would pair this up with cigarette pants or leggings and a shirt or baggy tee. It is a struggle for me to be able to carry off pink seeing as I am a red-head.. orange and pink clash, however in some cases this does work!
Mid-length Cotton-sateen Trench Coat by Burberry Prosum - NET-A-PORTER £1,095

A Burberry Trench coat is one of those items you just cannot live without, and if you don't have one you want/need one. They are a great investment and look so chic, paired with an over-sized handbag and over-sized sunglasses  Burberry has released a few new, brighter colours this season, however being a classic girl, I would always suggest the stone cotton-sateen trench due to its ability to layer on top of pretty much everything with its buckled belt, military design and elegant cut.

Bea {x}

Quote of the day

"Judging from the ugly and repugnant things that are sometimes in Vogue, it would seem as though fashion were desirous of exhibiting its power by getting us to adopt the most atrocious things for its sake alone" -George Simnel, late 19th Century

Net-a-porter transcends into beauty

For those that don't know (though most fashion-obsessed individuals do) NET-A-PORTER is an online shop (or e-tailer) selling designer brands at your fingertips. It is clear to say that as technology continues to evolve, so does the way we shop, and its a wonder whether in the future people will even be shopping by foot...who knows what the future holds. Even though I love a good Internet shop from time to time I enjoy the whole experience of shopping, not to mention the calories you burn from doing what you love most...shopping.

For me the whole concept of trying everything on and putting looks together by trying something new or mixing garments together is better than just viewing a photo of some gorgeously skinny model wearing the dress I want, because realistically I don't have that figure and she carries it off far better than I ever could, so I prefer to see what suits me and what doesn't. Also I often find that some of my best picks are garments that look dreadful on the hanger yet fabulous once you put it on.

On the contrary I am extremely ecstatic at the news of NET-A-PORTER transcending into cosmetics. We no longer only have designer fashion brands at our fingertips, but also the addition of make-up, hair and skin care products, not to mention fragrance. This includes a collection of both niche and well established brands catering to the site's sophisticated and discerning customers. "The proposition is really where the beauty-meets-fashion aspect and we see it as so symbiotic with the rest of our offerings. As we've developed our content, beauty is such a big part of fashion"

Sarah Chapman is one of the beauty experts who's luxury skin care range is now available to buy online. Best known for her Skinesis bespoke facial, Sarah is London's most sought after facialist and whilst her clinic is proclaimed to be one of London's best kept secrets, her products have now been exposed to the likes of many. How exciting! Other brands in stock include Aesop, Beauty Works West, James Read, Chantecaile, Natura Bisse, Dr. Sebagh, 3Lab and Phillip B.

Time to hit the shops, or shall I say 'time to grab my laptop'. Shop till you drop dolls!

Bea {x}

Friday, 29 March 2013

Quote of the day

"The economic logic of fashion depends on making the old fashioned look absurd" -John Berger

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Quote of the day

"Fashion makes fools of some, sinners of other and slaves of all" -Josh Billings, 19th Century commentator

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Quote of the day

"Fashions are like human beings. They come in, nobody knows when, why or how, and they go out, nobody knows why when or how" -Charles Dickens

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Daily Essentials: Inside my make up bag

We have already established that I am a perfectionist and I am no different when it comes to my make-up regime. I am constantly being asked what make up I wear so I thought, why not blog about it? I have worn the same make up for over a year and only ever mix up a product now and then, however I am open to trying new products - like the Chanel Les Beiges powder for instance.

I will begin with my base make up - I usually begin by using either MACs strobe cream as a moisturiser/ illuminator as I like the dewy effect it portrays beneath my foundation. Otherwise I use Johnsons gentle, day moisturiser for dry skin, but tend to chop and change between the two to prevent getting oily skin.

Once this has soaked in, I apply my foundation. Now I actually have 4 different foundations for which I use depending on climate/affair/day/night etc. I use MACs Studio Fix foundation(shade NW20) during the day in winter, spring and autumn as this gives me the perfect complexion and doesn't make my skin dry nor oily - It offers a medium coverage. During summer I use a BB cream as this is low coverage (I mean you don't want to wear heavy make up in the scorching heat let alone any), I have recently bought MACs BB cream (lightest shade) to trial...if England EVER heats up..I mean its almost April and its still bloody snowing. WHAT? Anyways, back to make-up talk, I sometimes wear MACs studio sculpt (shade NW20) for the airbrushed look as this offers medium to high coverage although I use very little. This particular foundation is not suitable for daytime unless you suffer from bad skin or seek high coverage24/7. Finally, I use MACs face and body foundation (shade N2) on my neck and chest as this is a water based foundation that is extremely light - perfect for ensuri g your neck and chest aren't left white in comparison with your face..and no line along the jaw line (I HATE THAT...RUB IT IN!)

Next I apply MACs mineralize skinfinish powder in medium plus using the duo fibre brush for a matte finish, followed by MACs blush in either Dainty or Dollymix using their blusher brush. I highlight the brow bones and cheek bones with Bobbi Brown's shimmer brick in bronze. I do not use bronzer as I like to remain porcelain like, close to my natural complexion.

As for eye shadows, I use Macs Mythology for the base and Naked Lunch for brightening at the top and in the corners. This is applied using their slanted eyeshadow brush. I complete my eyes by lining the the far side of the upper underneath of the eye before applying MACs Opulash mascara for length followed by Rimmel's scandal eyes mascara for volume.

Always add lipstick and lipgloss!!! 

Last but not least - Brush breakdown (all MAC):

  • Studio Fix Foundation - small duo fibre brush
  • Studio Sculpt Foundation -small angled blusher brush
  • Powder - large duo fibre brush
  • Blusher/shimmer brick - slanted blusher brush
  • Eyeshadow - angled eyeshadow brush

Voila...that is how I do my make up everyday!
If you have any products that you just can't live without, let me know!

Bea {x}

Are you an onlooker or lookbooker?

For all of you fashionistas that aren't already aware, the social network base for fashionistas all over the world are growing rapidly with sites such as Pinterest, fancy, What I Wore Today (WIWT) and bloglovin'. However for me, the best of them all is lookbook.nu which portrays fashion inspiration from people all over the world integrating looks from bloggers, singers and collective fashion consciousness.

Anyone can join and you can upload any full-length photo whether it be an amateur home-shot or editorial style shoot shot. How does it work? Lookbook approves your upload, where it then gets released onto the homepage where other lookbooker's can +Fan you (just like following on twitter) and HYPE your looks (similar to 'liking' on FB).

If you are a fashion blogger, this is a great way to gain understanding of not only yourself but others and gain inspiration as well as research. It allows bloggers and fashionistas worldwide to interact with each other, also promoting your occupation whether it be a singer, a blogger or even a photographer.

If you love fashion, you will LOVE LOOKBOOK.

JOIN NOW at lookbook.nu and start creating your looks today! To join just click on the lookbook banner on the right side of my blog and sign up.

Post your lookbook usernames and I will fan you and stay in the loop with your style!
Below are a few of my favourite looks from today .....

Bea {x}

Quote of the day

"Fashion fades, only style remains" - Coco Chanel

Daily Essentials: Inside my handbag

I for one am extremely organised when it comes to my Handbags. I love, LOVE, L.O.V.E HANDBAGS and take great pride ensuring they are kept in their best condition. I have many bags and each bag has a different purpose, yet there are some contents that ALWAYS remain the same. These are my must have 'can't live without's' that are transferred over from one bag to another most days.

1. Hand and Nail cream
(Marks and Spencer)

Nobody wants to hold your hand if it feels like sandpaper...let alone look at it. I am one of those people that believes everything should be up to scratch, and well hand cream is like having a bath, its essential. So if you dont carry around any, you should buy some...immediately. I love this hand cream in particular as it reminds me of my grandmother and is reminiscent of my childhood. It has a wonderful rose scent and leaves your hands feeling soft and not greasy.

2. Perfume
(Jean paul gaultier classique, eau de toilette 50ml (handbag size!))

I am a one-scent woman, however change this scent from time to time. I always spray far too much and have always worn strong and striking yet classic scents. I used to wear Chanel, Chance, however this dwelled on me after a while and so I switched to my latest craze of Jean Paul Gaultier. I carry the Eau de Toilette in my day handbag and the Eau de Parfum in my evening bag. I have worn this for almost 2 years now and I can't say I am bored of it. I like the way people can smell the strong scent as I walk past and men often comment on the scent (positively obviously!).

3. Lipstick and Lipgloss
(From left: chatterful lipstick, limited edition lipbalm, clear gloss, snob lipstick, oystergirl lipglass, plastique lipstick and wet,wild and wonderful gloss - all MAC)

Anyone who knows me knows that I cannot leave the house without my lipstick and lipgloss, I always have a matching gloss for the stick and wear it 24/7. I feel naked without it and so no matter what bag I am wearing the three are married in a pair. Colours depend on my outfit but my signature Lipstick is Snob, complememnted by one of two glosses, either Rags to Riches or Oyster Girl - all MAC.

4. Round soft-bristled hairbrush

This is another handbag must-have as the classic English weather is so ridiculously unpredictable. It's far too often that after commuting on the tube, or even walking down the street you find yourself completely wind swept with hair flying all over the place and often tangling. This brush is my favourite as it doesn't make your hair static and always leaves my hair looking shiny and sleek. If your off to a friends house and want to blow dry your hair or even curl the ends, then you can! Need to add volume? Well this soft bristled brush is perfect for back brushing. This must- have ALWAYS comes in handy. I am afraid to say that I am unsure where this particular brush comes from as I stole it from my older sister..shhh! However these kinds of brushes can be found in most beauty sections in department stores all over the UK and so they are easy to get your hands on.

5. Harrods Notebook and pen
(Harrods gift shop £10 and £3.50)

I gain inspiration everywhere I go and I find myself constantly brainstorming new ideas for Bea Fashionista, therefore leading me to another must have that hides inside my handbag. It is clear to say that most bloggers carry around a notebook to jot down any notes, research or ideas and so this notebook comes everywhere with me, as does my iPad. I confess to being a total perfectionist. My notebook is also my diary and it is all written out neatly and colour coordinated by week, with a quote for each day of each month (this is completed as I go along). I am genuinely lost without my notebook, no wonder I am so organised! To add to this I have my favourite pen (blue ink of course) which is a classic Harrods logo pen with a handbag charm at the top..cute!

6. Nail varnish and top coat fixator

Chipped nail varnish is so un-classy and is 100% NOT chic. This is a huge no no. A woman looks far more presentable with perfectly painted nails. If I were to see someone with chipped nails I would automatically assume they look scruffy. Therefore I always carry my Mavala red nail varnish in the shade 'London' along with the top coat so if my nail varnish happens to chip I can always top it up anytime, anywhere. How fabulous. If you find this too much of a hassle, I would recommend getting Shellac as this is a long lasting resolution for nail polish and doesn't chip for over 2 weeks! I haven't tried this myself, although my mother swears by it so I shall be experimenting this profound new technique next week as I have booked myself into the salon for Tuesday!

Monday, 25 March 2013

Quote of the day

"Vain trifles as they seem, clothes...change our view of the world and the world's view of us" -Virginia Woolf

Friday, 15 March 2013

Detox: Day 3: Too busy for this diet?

So I'm on day 3 of my juice cleanse and it is clear to say that I have failed to succeed within my set regime today (bad I know). With the Christian Dior exhibition opening this evening on the 4th floor in Harrods I have been far too busy at work to even think about my detox... Over 200 people have been in and out whether it be press, catering, photographers, models or PR gurus and being the first point of contact I just haven't stopped! So far I have had 3 of my 6 juices when I should have had 5, I have asked myself whether this means it will no longer be suffice in order for me to experience the full results.

To make matters worse (or better...) I have a dinner date this evening with my good friend Ollie at Cafe Concerto, opposite the gielgud theatre before attending the evening performance of 'The Audience' starring Helen Mirren which I'm ecstatic for!

Ok so I'll be honest I left this blog post earlier to rush to dinner yet I only indulged in a tricoloure salad .... Then 2 glasses of montepluciano red vino.... Then a strawberry tart (80% cream)... Oh and did I forget to mention the latte... What detox? I have to admit I felt amazing and the deliciously, mouthwatering food released so many endorphins. In the words of ollie 'it's a special occasion Bea'.

So 2 raspberry mojitos later I find myself on the roof terrace of AQUA, Oxford street, after a chilled drink with ols I make my way home at least 2lbs heavier... Oopsies! P.s. The Audience is absolutely fabulous, an extremely enjoyable and educational evening, Helen Mirren is breathtakingly brilliant. I love her!

Happy Thursday dolls!

Bea {x}

ollie and I at the Gielgud theatre this evening! Wonderful evening!

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Chanel Les Beiges: 1 day to go

The moment we have all been eagerly anticipating for has finally arrived as we see the launch of Chanel's 'Les Beiges' collection take to the shelves within the top department stores tomorrow morning. I took it upon myself to do some investigating today and had a sneak peak at the new product in the bare powdery flesh. Off I trotted into Harrods, Ipad at the ready and started snapping up some photos of the promotional display; after chatting to the manager I managed to get a sneak peak of all the shades and samples. Unfortunately the UK are only going to be displaying 5 shades, whereas the rest of the world will be issuing 7 - however seeing as I will most likely require the lightest shade (being as pale as I am), I am not complaining.

5 Shades ranging from light to dark to give your skin a dewy, fresh look, RRP £38

The compact powder does not act as a foundation, but more of a setting powder, which aids to create that fresh,dewy look that we often see on the runway on all those 'fresh-faced' models.

So what makes this powder stand out from all the rest I hear you all say?
The powder has 5 uses:
- the lightest shade can be used as a setting powder, whilst the darkest shade can be used as a bronzer
- the powder can also be used to sculpt contour around the face, mainly on the cheekbones
- can be used as a blusher
- paired with Chanel's Kabuki brush can be used as a foundation (when building up coverage)
- used to add radiance to the skin, as you would with an illuminator

Next week Chanel will be launching their latest cosmetic brush made with rabbit hair (soft!!) - This will be called the Kabuki brush and will RRP at £30.The Kabuki brush will create a foundation style effect when used with the 'Les Beiges' powder and will allow users to build up coverage whilst still maintaining the dewy effect (not dry).

I have ordered mine and will see how I find it! I am looking forward to this specific product as I have found that lately my powder has made my skin look dry. Hurry as I am sure they will be swept of the shelves faster than they went on! 


The final packaging is minimalist and classic with a compact brush included

Chanel's campaign for the'Les Beiges' collection

Harrods' promotional display for Chanel's latest craze

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Detox: Day 2

After taking my last sip of juice number 6, I am officially 2 days down, leaving me with just 3 days to go on my Juice Cleanse! Yesterday it seemed like this would be an easy task as I wasn't hungry, however today I have been feeling weak, and have been lacking in energy, resulting in me having to take a very long nap.

However, on the bright side after lunchtime I broke through this barrier and I now feel great, I wasn't hungry when my family sat down to have their dinner and so I went to the fridge and grabbed my juice number 6 and sat down with my laptop to continue with my blog.

One of the pros of this detox is that I have really noticed a change in my complexion, I have never suffered from bad skin, yet my skin feels softer than ever and I am completely blemish free; leaving me with fresh looking, porcelain skin. One of the cons is that today I have had very little energy and haven't lost any weight...as of yet (the scales must be lying to me..I hope). Emotionally I feel better about myself and seem to be more productive, that is when I am not feeling weak.

If you suffer from bad skin and tend to eat a lot of fast foods or foods that are high in fats and sugars, I would recommend a detox, as diets such as these, though they may not necessarily be sustainable, remove all the nasty toxins from your body and cleanse, therefore resulting in clearer skin.

I have got through today, lets hope tomorrow is easier and that it doesn't get harder! Keep posted to see whether this diet really works!

Bea {x}

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Detox: Kickstarting your summer bod

It is safe to say that I among many others am the queen of fad diets and have pretty much tried every diet in the book in order to achieve my Victoria Secret bikini body in time for summer. Among some of the diets I have tried include the 'rainbow diet' consisting of only eating green foods on monday, pink foods on tuesday and white foods on wednesday (ridiculous I know)...which may I add doesnt really work; and also the green tea diet by which you only drink green tea (around 10 cups a day) and eat no food...DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. Even though I saw proven results with this extreme attempt, I was a total mess and suffered from serious mood swings and severe hunger pangs.

To be honest none of these diets are a sustainable ways of losing weight as once the time period of extreme dieting ends you just put the weight straight back on. I am, as of yet, to diet in a sustainable fashion and be completely overjoyed with the results which leads me to my latest 'fad diet', THE JUICE CLEANSE.

I first heard about this 'detox juice cleanse' when my boss at harrods approached me with the idea of doing it together (motivation buddies) and so we placed our order with SoulMate Foods which is a programme to aid weight loss. There was a special offer of £80 for 5 days and so we ordered our juices and they arrived this morning at work. I am on DAY 1 and have so far had 3/6 juices..this is the reigime I have composed for the next 5 days...

8:00 Juice 1 -Carrot, orange, ginger and superfoods
10:00 Juice 2 - Pineapple, banana and coconut
12:00 Juice 3 - Antioxidant blend, cherries and mixed berries
14:00 Juice 4 - Apple, beetroot and blackcurrant
16:00 Juice 5 - Orange, mango and passion fruit
18:00 Juice 6 - strawberry, grape, orange and banana

So far I feel fabulous, I am not having to fight cravings and dont feel hungry..although I am only half way through day 1. Wish me luck! Stay posted for more updates on how my detox is going each day.

Order yours now at http://soulmatefood.com/order-now/ or call 0870 8033 833

Bea {x}