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Friday, 10 January 2014

Beauty Edit: MAGNETIC NUDE for M.A.C

As all of you know I have a slight obsession with MAC cosmetics, however I have chosen to spread my wings in the beauty world by recently branching off to Chanel, Nars and Bobbi Brown. In hindsight, I have to say that MAC's eyeshadows are my all time faves; beholding an extremely vast collection with all the colours of the rainbow and more.

So yet again, whilst raiding the January sales I was drawn in by all the bright lights and pretty colours and of course their latest 'Magnetic Nude' collection. Within a matter of minutes I spent more than I budgeted for by indulging in a selection of eye shadows, their latest 'In Extreme Dimension 3D Lash' mascara, 'Zoom Fast Black Lash' mascara and a lipgloss...Shopaholic..check ✔️


This metallic mineralize eyeshadow was a great find..due to pretty much everything being SOLD OUT as usual. It is a recurring heartbreak when you reach the new collection and pretty much everything par the one thing you hate is smothered in a small white sticker stating: 'SOLD OUT'. But not this time...! This shimmering, yellowy gold hue is perfect for accentuating blue eyes and is perfectly complemented by the more subdued pale 'cream' colour that is ideal for highlighting under the brows or even on the cheekbones.


The impulse buy. M.A.C had conveniently placed this by the till-point which in my case is dangerous...because as usual...I BOUGHT IT. This is my chance to use the selection of yellow, gold, browns and shimmers to create the eagerly anticipated smokey-eye look. One look I am yet to accomplish. The yelllow looks rather outrageous from the photo, however when used lightly in the creases and outer corners of the eye can create shading and density and can also be used highlight a smokey eye.

With the art of the smokey-eye remaining an imperfection I will have to get back to you all, to spare myself the despair of looking like a drag-queen I believe some practice is in order!

Bea {x}

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