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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Wrap Up This Winter: Top 10 Winter Essentials

Even though it is clear to say I despise the bitterness of the cold and everything that follows, I absolutely adore winter fashion. There is so much to play around with, from a variation of shirts and turtle-necks to layering up..and and of course one of my loves; FUR! My pet hate on the other hand is seeing endless girls quivering in their boots on a night out in their skimpiest dress WITHOUT a jacket.. are you mad? I mean in addition to this many if not most still bare the cold pretty much naked and almost always bare-legged. The phrase 'less is more' seems to be taken a bit too literally these days. Here are my Top 10 Winter Essentials for 2013:

1) Get yourself a pair of tights...make that 10
With recurring gale force winds swooping through the crisp winter air, it would be wise to begin with buying an endless supply of tights to get you through the next winter months. Tights can be added to any dress or skirt/shirt ensemble, with the certainty of black matching pretty much anything. However I like to branch out and indulge in a variety of colours and textures. Primark is a saviour for basics such as these, with them stocking pretty much every colour and style possible for the cheapest price going. From thick to ribbed to mustard, to burgundy, to patterned, they have it all for a mere £2, if that.

Where to buy:
Primark £1-£4.50

2) Invest in a Turtle-Neck or 2
My all-time favourite winter-essential, the good old Turtle-Neck sweater. It makes me laugh every year, because even though these have survived through generations of fashion they still seem to be frowned upon today. I believe many people have a misconception of how they should be worn and often tend to shy away from ever trying it. My good friend Claudia is the perfect example, during our weekly shopping trip, she laughed when I got so excited about buying new turtle-necks, after piecing together a few outfits she went on to also buy the two that I bought! Turtle-necks or Polar-necks as some may say can be worn tucked into a skirt or jeans, or worn under a dress as an undergarment, just as you would wear a shirt underneath.

Where to buy:
H&M Classic Turtle-neck Top £7.99 (Black, Grey, White and Teal)
H&M Turtle-neck cropped sweater £24.99 (Cream)

3) Catch a cold...or wear a Coat?
The most obvious of them all, a suitable Winter Coat is key to keeping warm this winter. Enter at your own peril is what enters my mind every time I open the door, without a jacket YOU WILL BE COLD. If price isn't an issue then I would recommend a Moncler puffa jacket, composed of the finest goose down and has been proven to keep you warm in arctic temperatures. If you aren't willing to splash out, the highstreet has some great options, with Topshop having a wide selection (visit Oxford Circus for the widest selection)


4) Grab some Gloves
No one wants to hold your hand when it's freezing cold...nor do they want to touch hands that feel like sandpaper so gloves (and hand cream) are essential. Personally I love leather gloves, I get mine from Peekaboo. This is a vintage brand which can be found in Topshop's Oxford Circus Flagship Store (£25) or online at www.peekaboovintage.com/collections/vintage-inspired-gloves
For those of you who can't stand the constant, taking the gloves off, putting them back on scenario; you can now purchase touch-screen gloves which have special sensors (or holes) so that you can still use your smart phone. These can be found on Ebay for as little as £1.99 or even better, ASOS do a leather pair for £55.

5) Add bubbles to your bath with Badedas Bath Gel
A scent reminiscent of my childhood, Badedas has always been one of my plush winter comforts. There is nothing better than coming home after a long-hard day and indulging in a long-hot bubble bath. If you have never tried this, please do!

Badedas Bath Gel - £9.95 (available in most supermarkets)

6) Lounge around in a Onesie
Until I did some promo work for the brand One-Piece, I had never thought about buying a onesie nor did I own one...my gosh I was missing out! It is clear to say that I LOVE my one-piece too much, whether you are dying of a hangover, having a lazy sunday, travelling on holiday or just popping to the supermarket the onesie is the perfect outfit. It has a cool, apres-ski look and feel about it and is unbelievably cosy, I take it everywhere!

Where to buy:
www.onepiece.co.uk - Prices range from £89-£200


8) Skinny Jeans
Every girl needs a great pair of jeans! Skinny Jeans can be worn on a night out with a 'classic court shoe' or as casual wear paired with a sweater and a pair of Chelsea boots. They are great for accentuating you derriere and keep you warm..duh! If you're feeling daring try a new colour! I have a pair in bright orange..Love Love.

9) Slap on some Face Cream
The wool-blends and materials might be getting thicker and heavier, but it's not only the materials that need to get thicker. Do not forget about the one place we can't cover..our face! If you are looking for the 'Creme de la Mer' of all face creams (IRONIC) then I would recommend the Creme de la Mer moisturising face cream at a price £100. It is the best of the best though!

Selfridges £100

10) Add some warmth with a Fur Gilet
Fur gilets are a great addition to any outfit for both style and warmth. I have a black fox/rabbit fur gilet with a hood which I often wear layered underneath a coat or on its own as a signature piece. If you are worried about it making you look large, it doesn't due to its weightlessness. It acts as a body warmer and also looks great layered underneath a smart work coat. If you are anti-fur then that is absolutely fine, there are many faux fur options available on most fashion sites and on the hightstreet.

Where to buy:
Real Fur
Harrods £120-£1800
Independent fashion boutiques £100-£600
Ebay £100-£300
Faux Fur
Asos £35-£70
Topshop £35-£180

 Vanilla Paris

Wrapping up has never looked so fashionable!

Bea {x}

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