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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Bea the Marathon Runner

A non-fashion related post for y'all slash don't care i'll share! Yarrrr..that's right I am running a marathon (god help me)..! 71 days to go until my father and I embark off to Israel to run the Jerusalem marathon. Made up of seven hills, my usual hatrid for running and of course HEAT I have definitely picked a challenge, but with my positive attitude and sheer determination to raise as much money as possible for mentally and physically challenged children in Israel..I KNOW I CAN DO IT! 

I have been undergoing weekly personal training sessions with my PT Natalia who is part of the Vevo Barefoot Team in Covent Garden, I have undertaken classes by which I have changed my way of running using the barefoot technique, one that was not easy to accomplish at first! Not only because of my lack of coordination at times but also because I am used to running like everyone else! In one of my earlier sessions Natalia instructed me to 'trot' on the running machine AKA jog...but of course I started trotting like an actual horse leaving both my father and Natalia in hysterics. Naive.

In early December my father and I both ran our first race in the lead up to the marathon, an 11.7k uphill road race set in the depths of the Surrey Hills in Guildford. I was able to push through that so called 'barrier' at 5k allowing me to complete the race in 1hour 20 minutes. On Sunday we recruited my fellow best friend george to join us on yet another race, this time we ran the Mornington Chasers Winter Grand-Prix 10k in Regents park, consisting of 3 laps of the park. Clearly I had also recruited a few too many potatoes and mince pies over the holidays meaning shifting the christmas belly was harder than I thought! I managed to complete the 10k race in 1Hour 7Minutes (longer than I hoped but still :) ). With intense training and more races scheduled in for the run up to the big race of 26.2 Miles I hope you can all join in supporting us both!! The actual race is 42.195km!!!!

If you do wish to support Team Shalva and help make a difference for disadvantaged children then we would appreciate your support!! If you wish to make a donation please follow the link below. Shalva is built upon a foundation of love, hope, faith and respect for all human beings and is dedicated to bettering the lives of children with special needs and their families. I will be visiting the children in Israel in the days running up to the race which I am looking forward to :)


I will keep you updated here and there with my progress. Love you all!

Bea {x}


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