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Friday, 24 January 2014

Couture Fashion Week 2014: CHANEL Colour Splash!

Fashion fiends take to Couture Fashion Week in Paris as the looks for Spring 2014 are unveiled on the catwalk. As this season unfolds we can expect to see a variation of colours with Christian Dior and Chanel showcasing soft and neutral pastel colours, with bright white and dusty pink sweeping the catwalk.
However, Karl Lagerfeld, yet again surprised us all with a unique look, one to stand out from the classic tweeds and dense block colours. This time a splash watercolours. The print consists of what appears to the eye as a colour testing palette; full of bright and vibrant colours of the rainbow, all blending in to change colour. Forest green blends into lime green with shades of purple creeping into browns. Catching to the eye; Lagerfeld has created accessories to match with another creation of the Chanel classic - the quilted fold over bag. Chanel's nonchalant and timeless design for a handbag never ceases to amaze, with it being showcased and sold in hundreds of different varieties over the years, and yet still, it remains the most popular and yearned-for accessory, no matter the season.

The 'Lego' bag has evolved over time with its angular shape and eye catching style. This season we see bold colour, again with the repetition of the colour blending mechanism used to blend all sorts of eye-catching colour. Whilst arguably the Lego bag above clashes, the burst of endless colour all blends well in an unusual style. Whilst these looks are 'Couture' I could actually see myself parading around Tokyo in one of these looks...
Bea {x}

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