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Monday, 30 September 2013

Fitness: Get Fit For Free

Getting that perfect body doesn't come easy and it doesn't help that gym membership fees seem to be extortionate these days. I am joined to David Lloyd leisure club and pay £73 a month which is ridiculous seeing as I barely ever actually go! So I thought I would do some digging and see what is out there in the industry of excercise and getting fit that you can actually do for free or for pretty much nothing and this is what I found...Well stumbled accross anyway!

{ Find a park with a Fit-for-free gym }

I couldn't believe my eyes when I returned from my holiday in Mykonos to find a FREE GYM in the park by my house. I was walking Princess (my beautiful miniature maltese) when I stumbled accross a gym..in the park. The most bizarre sight, not ugly in fact much of it is designed pink, blue and black and is modern and relatively attractive to the eye. Within the gated area there is a running machine that is powered by the movement of your feet and the momentum you create as you run; a pedal bike, a rowing machine, balancing equipment, weights and much much more. It is genuinley built like a gym, just one thing is missing - ELECTRICITY.

A clever interpretation of a gym, built and maintained by The Great Outdoor Gym Company. Great Outdoor Gyms cost nothing to run and very little to maintain and guess what, to become a member it is completely free, there is no contract tieing you down and you wont have your bank ringing you every month because you have gone into your 'unplanned overdraft'.

Find your nearest fit-for-free outdoor gym here: www.tgogc.com

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