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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Beauty: NARS Sheer Glow Foundation/ Light Optimising Primer

That time of year has finally dawned upon us, as my skin drains all its moisture, I am left with dry and dreary skin. As a loyal MAC customer, I have been addicted to their Studio fix foundation for a good 2 years now. However, after trying the NARS Sheer Glow Foundation I have been brought over to the BRIGHT side. Not only have I discovered a flawless colour match for my pale and reddish complexion, but I have also found a solution better still to prevent my skin from becoming even dryer in those trouble areas.

The Sheer Glow foundation gives a light to medium coverage which is perfect if you have clear skin (I don't tend to suffer from spots too often). This foundation doesn't only leave your skin feeling more hydrated, you can actually see the results. Whereas before the Studio Fix dried out my skin even more with its heavy coverage, Sheer Glow gives off a radiant look and soaks into the skin evenly. I absolutely hate it when you buy a foundation or cream which just doesn't soak into the skin - I often find myself spreading it around for hours before just stressing myself out and starting again (yes you..that certain BB cream that I had to get rid of...) NARS actually recommend you use your fingers to apply their foundation as it reacts with the warmth of your fingers creating a smooth

Whist on the subject of a 'sheer glow', I have to rave to you about NARS' Light Optimizing Primer. Now I have used it there is no going back - out of all the primers I have bought over the years this is by far the best. For a mere £25 (trust me you get a lot out of that) you honestly get primed and revived skin that glows through your foundation like it is supposed to. It has light otimizing particles which catch the light at all angles showing off a lovely radiant glow. This paired with their sheer glow foundation makes a match made in heaven and that is me sorted for the winter. The primer is great all year round and with an SPF 15, I found myself wearing solely just the primer on holiday in Mykonos, Greece (maybe not a high enough factor in hindsight) as it gave me a lovely glow for down by the pool or for those effervescent beach parties!

Bea {x}

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