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Monday, 21 October 2013

Get Fit, Stay Stylish, Save Money

As winter dawns on us we find solice in winter comfort foods, in action to prevent gaining weight this Christmas I made a promise to keep fit. However, every day I have the same argument with myself about whether or not I am going to drag myself to the gym...I never do...my excuse...I DON'T OWN ANY CUTE GYM CLOTHES. I don't know about you but wherever I go I like to look my best and the gym is no exception. Nike is rather expensive and however practical their gym clothes are, for one outfit you are still looking at a price of around £80.

This leads me onto my newest shopping find..H&M's new fitness range. For £60 I bagged myself two pairs of gym trousers, one long and one cropped and a sports bra fitted fitness tee. Each pair of bottoms are eqipped with a zip pocket for your Ipod which are made of a material advanced for 'breathing space' allowing you to keep cool whilst exercising and increase comfort with a vast range of colours you can mix and match your gym wear, I opted for black trousers, one with purple trim and one with a neon coral trim matched with a neon coral top.

It is clear to say that I am now eager to show of my new buys and actually go to the gym, starting tonight. The whole point of joining a gym is to make you feel good about yourself, so why not feel good in how you look in the gym, overall it will result in you feeling much more motivated and confident.

To see the full range of H&M's fitness range you can browse online or visit one of their larger stores in London - I tend to shop in their oxford circus store seeing as it is so large and offers a wide variety in all ranges. The range offers dance wear, cycling wear and general gym wear which is fabulous considering they are a higstreet fashion brand that doesn't concentrate on sportswear - eqipped with crop tops, trainers, jogging bottoms, cycling shorts/trousers, sports bras and many many more. Get your bums off to H&M this winter and have a look.

Happy shopping!

Bea {x}

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