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Monday, 21 October 2013

Shoe Steal: Primark Platform Sandals

Being a fashion-conscientious individual I love to see what everyone else is wearing and find inspiration for my style everywhere, be it on the street, in a magazine, or in the powder room of a nightclub (we all see that girl wearing something we would die for whilst adjusting our lipstick). So when a birthday or a social event comes around this is the perfect chance to do so! My friend Daniella is the perfect example; I spotted Daniella wearing these cute suede, platform wedged sandals
paired with skinny jeans and a spaghetti strap top, perfect for chilled drinks at our favourite pub, The Jam Tree in Chelsea.

Believe it or not these sandals are from good old Primani (Primark) and cost no more that £12...now that is one hell of a bargain. Obv when I went to my local Primark to grab a pair they were sold-out and I can see why! With Topshop selling the same shoe from over £28 you can see why Primark has won over a great Shoe Steal here. Well done Danni! Bea Fashionista Loves!

Bea {x}

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