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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Daily Essentials: Inside my handbag

I for one am extremely organised when it comes to my Handbags. I love, LOVE, L.O.V.E HANDBAGS and take great pride ensuring they are kept in their best condition. I have many bags and each bag has a different purpose, yet there are some contents that ALWAYS remain the same. These are my must have 'can't live without's' that are transferred over from one bag to another most days.

1. Hand and Nail cream
(Marks and Spencer)

Nobody wants to hold your hand if it feels like sandpaper...let alone look at it. I am one of those people that believes everything should be up to scratch, and well hand cream is like having a bath, its essential. So if you dont carry around any, you should buy some...immediately. I love this hand cream in particular as it reminds me of my grandmother and is reminiscent of my childhood. It has a wonderful rose scent and leaves your hands feeling soft and not greasy.

2. Perfume
(Jean paul gaultier classique, eau de toilette 50ml (handbag size!))

I am a one-scent woman, however change this scent from time to time. I always spray far too much and have always worn strong and striking yet classic scents. I used to wear Chanel, Chance, however this dwelled on me after a while and so I switched to my latest craze of Jean Paul Gaultier. I carry the Eau de Toilette in my day handbag and the Eau de Parfum in my evening bag. I have worn this for almost 2 years now and I can't say I am bored of it. I like the way people can smell the strong scent as I walk past and men often comment on the scent (positively obviously!).

3. Lipstick and Lipgloss
(From left: chatterful lipstick, limited edition lipbalm, clear gloss, snob lipstick, oystergirl lipglass, plastique lipstick and wet,wild and wonderful gloss - all MAC)

Anyone who knows me knows that I cannot leave the house without my lipstick and lipgloss, I always have a matching gloss for the stick and wear it 24/7. I feel naked without it and so no matter what bag I am wearing the three are married in a pair. Colours depend on my outfit but my signature Lipstick is Snob, complememnted by one of two glosses, either Rags to Riches or Oyster Girl - all MAC.

4. Round soft-bristled hairbrush

This is another handbag must-have as the classic English weather is so ridiculously unpredictable. It's far too often that after commuting on the tube, or even walking down the street you find yourself completely wind swept with hair flying all over the place and often tangling. This brush is my favourite as it doesn't make your hair static and always leaves my hair looking shiny and sleek. If your off to a friends house and want to blow dry your hair or even curl the ends, then you can! Need to add volume? Well this soft bristled brush is perfect for back brushing. This must- have ALWAYS comes in handy. I am afraid to say that I am unsure where this particular brush comes from as I stole it from my older sister..shhh! However these kinds of brushes can be found in most beauty sections in department stores all over the UK and so they are easy to get your hands on.

5. Harrods Notebook and pen
(Harrods gift shop £10 and £3.50)

I gain inspiration everywhere I go and I find myself constantly brainstorming new ideas for Bea Fashionista, therefore leading me to another must have that hides inside my handbag. It is clear to say that most bloggers carry around a notebook to jot down any notes, research or ideas and so this notebook comes everywhere with me, as does my iPad. I confess to being a total perfectionist. My notebook is also my diary and it is all written out neatly and colour coordinated by week, with a quote for each day of each month (this is completed as I go along). I am genuinely lost without my notebook, no wonder I am so organised! To add to this I have my favourite pen (blue ink of course) which is a classic Harrods logo pen with a handbag charm at the top..cute!

6. Nail varnish and top coat fixator

Chipped nail varnish is so un-classy and is 100% NOT chic. This is a huge no no. A woman looks far more presentable with perfectly painted nails. If I were to see someone with chipped nails I would automatically assume they look scruffy. Therefore I always carry my Mavala red nail varnish in the shade 'London' along with the top coat so if my nail varnish happens to chip I can always top it up anytime, anywhere. How fabulous. If you find this too much of a hassle, I would recommend getting Shellac as this is a long lasting resolution for nail polish and doesn't chip for over 2 weeks! I haven't tried this myself, although my mother swears by it so I shall be experimenting this profound new technique next week as I have booked myself into the salon for Tuesday!

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