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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Daily Essentials: Inside my make up bag

We have already established that I am a perfectionist and I am no different when it comes to my make-up regime. I am constantly being asked what make up I wear so I thought, why not blog about it? I have worn the same make up for over a year and only ever mix up a product now and then, however I am open to trying new products - like the Chanel Les Beiges powder for instance.

I will begin with my base make up - I usually begin by using either MACs strobe cream as a moisturiser/ illuminator as I like the dewy effect it portrays beneath my foundation. Otherwise I use Johnsons gentle, day moisturiser for dry skin, but tend to chop and change between the two to prevent getting oily skin.

Once this has soaked in, I apply my foundation. Now I actually have 4 different foundations for which I use depending on climate/affair/day/night etc. I use MACs Studio Fix foundation(shade NW20) during the day in winter, spring and autumn as this gives me the perfect complexion and doesn't make my skin dry nor oily - It offers a medium coverage. During summer I use a BB cream as this is low coverage (I mean you don't want to wear heavy make up in the scorching heat let alone any), I have recently bought MACs BB cream (lightest shade) to trial...if England EVER heats up..I mean its almost April and its still bloody snowing. WHAT? Anyways, back to make-up talk, I sometimes wear MACs studio sculpt (shade NW20) for the airbrushed look as this offers medium to high coverage although I use very little. This particular foundation is not suitable for daytime unless you suffer from bad skin or seek high coverage24/7. Finally, I use MACs face and body foundation (shade N2) on my neck and chest as this is a water based foundation that is extremely light - perfect for ensuri g your neck and chest aren't left white in comparison with your face..and no line along the jaw line (I HATE THAT...RUB IT IN!)

Next I apply MACs mineralize skinfinish powder in medium plus using the duo fibre brush for a matte finish, followed by MACs blush in either Dainty or Dollymix using their blusher brush. I highlight the brow bones and cheek bones with Bobbi Brown's shimmer brick in bronze. I do not use bronzer as I like to remain porcelain like, close to my natural complexion.

As for eye shadows, I use Macs Mythology for the base and Naked Lunch for brightening at the top and in the corners. This is applied using their slanted eyeshadow brush. I complete my eyes by lining the the far side of the upper underneath of the eye before applying MACs Opulash mascara for length followed by Rimmel's scandal eyes mascara for volume.

Always add lipstick and lipgloss!!! 

Last but not least - Brush breakdown (all MAC):

  • Studio Fix Foundation - small duo fibre brush
  • Studio Sculpt Foundation -small angled blusher brush
  • Powder - large duo fibre brush
  • Blusher/shimmer brick - slanted blusher brush
  • Eyeshadow - angled eyeshadow brush

Voila...that is how I do my make up everyday!
If you have any products that you just can't live without, let me know!

Bea {x}