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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Detox: Day 2

After taking my last sip of juice number 6, I am officially 2 days down, leaving me with just 3 days to go on my Juice Cleanse! Yesterday it seemed like this would be an easy task as I wasn't hungry, however today I have been feeling weak, and have been lacking in energy, resulting in me having to take a very long nap.

However, on the bright side after lunchtime I broke through this barrier and I now feel great, I wasn't hungry when my family sat down to have their dinner and so I went to the fridge and grabbed my juice number 6 and sat down with my laptop to continue with my blog.

One of the pros of this detox is that I have really noticed a change in my complexion, I have never suffered from bad skin, yet my skin feels softer than ever and I am completely blemish free; leaving me with fresh looking, porcelain skin. One of the cons is that today I have had very little energy and haven't lost any weight...as of yet (the scales must be lying to me..I hope). Emotionally I feel better about myself and seem to be more productive, that is when I am not feeling weak.

If you suffer from bad skin and tend to eat a lot of fast foods or foods that are high in fats and sugars, I would recommend a detox, as diets such as these, though they may not necessarily be sustainable, remove all the nasty toxins from your body and cleanse, therefore resulting in clearer skin.

I have got through today, lets hope tomorrow is easier and that it doesn't get harder! Keep posted to see whether this diet really works!

Bea {x}

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