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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Detox: Kickstarting your summer bod

It is safe to say that I among many others am the queen of fad diets and have pretty much tried every diet in the book in order to achieve my Victoria Secret bikini body in time for summer. Among some of the diets I have tried include the 'rainbow diet' consisting of only eating green foods on monday, pink foods on tuesday and white foods on wednesday (ridiculous I know)...which may I add doesnt really work; and also the green tea diet by which you only drink green tea (around 10 cups a day) and eat no food...DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. Even though I saw proven results with this extreme attempt, I was a total mess and suffered from serious mood swings and severe hunger pangs.

To be honest none of these diets are a sustainable ways of losing weight as once the time period of extreme dieting ends you just put the weight straight back on. I am, as of yet, to diet in a sustainable fashion and be completely overjoyed with the results which leads me to my latest 'fad diet', THE JUICE CLEANSE.

I first heard about this 'detox juice cleanse' when my boss at harrods approached me with the idea of doing it together (motivation buddies) and so we placed our order with SoulMate Foods which is a programme to aid weight loss. There was a special offer of £80 for 5 days and so we ordered our juices and they arrived this morning at work. I am on DAY 1 and have so far had 3/6 juices..this is the reigime I have composed for the next 5 days...

8:00 Juice 1 -Carrot, orange, ginger and superfoods
10:00 Juice 2 - Pineapple, banana and coconut
12:00 Juice 3 - Antioxidant blend, cherries and mixed berries
14:00 Juice 4 - Apple, beetroot and blackcurrant
16:00 Juice 5 - Orange, mango and passion fruit
18:00 Juice 6 - strawberry, grape, orange and banana

So far I feel fabulous, I am not having to fight cravings and dont feel hungry..although I am only half way through day 1. Wish me luck! Stay posted for more updates on how my detox is going each day.

Order yours now at http://soulmatefood.com/order-now/ or call 0870 8033 833

Bea {x}

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