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Friday, 15 March 2013

Detox: Day 3: Too busy for this diet?

So I'm on day 3 of my juice cleanse and it is clear to say that I have failed to succeed within my set regime today (bad I know). With the Christian Dior exhibition opening this evening on the 4th floor in Harrods I have been far too busy at work to even think about my detox... Over 200 people have been in and out whether it be press, catering, photographers, models or PR gurus and being the first point of contact I just haven't stopped! So far I have had 3 of my 6 juices when I should have had 5, I have asked myself whether this means it will no longer be suffice in order for me to experience the full results.

To make matters worse (or better...) I have a dinner date this evening with my good friend Ollie at Cafe Concerto, opposite the gielgud theatre before attending the evening performance of 'The Audience' starring Helen Mirren which I'm ecstatic for!

Ok so I'll be honest I left this blog post earlier to rush to dinner yet I only indulged in a tricoloure salad .... Then 2 glasses of montepluciano red vino.... Then a strawberry tart (80% cream)... Oh and did I forget to mention the latte... What detox? I have to admit I felt amazing and the deliciously, mouthwatering food released so many endorphins. In the words of ollie 'it's a special occasion Bea'.

So 2 raspberry mojitos later I find myself on the roof terrace of AQUA, Oxford street, after a chilled drink with ols I make my way home at least 2lbs heavier... Oopsies! P.s. The Audience is absolutely fabulous, an extremely enjoyable and educational evening, Helen Mirren is breathtakingly brilliant. I love her!

Happy Thursday dolls!

Bea {x}

ollie and I at the Gielgud theatre this evening! Wonderful evening!

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