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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Are you an onlooker or lookbooker?

For all of you fashionistas that aren't already aware, the social network base for fashionistas all over the world are growing rapidly with sites such as Pinterest, fancy, What I Wore Today (WIWT) and bloglovin'. However for me, the best of them all is lookbook.nu which portrays fashion inspiration from people all over the world integrating looks from bloggers, singers and collective fashion consciousness.

Anyone can join and you can upload any full-length photo whether it be an amateur home-shot or editorial style shoot shot. How does it work? Lookbook approves your upload, where it then gets released onto the homepage where other lookbooker's can +Fan you (just like following on twitter) and HYPE your looks (similar to 'liking' on FB).

If you are a fashion blogger, this is a great way to gain understanding of not only yourself but others and gain inspiration as well as research. It allows bloggers and fashionistas worldwide to interact with each other, also promoting your occupation whether it be a singer, a blogger or even a photographer.

If you love fashion, you will LOVE LOOKBOOK.

JOIN NOW at lookbook.nu and start creating your looks today! To join just click on the lookbook banner on the right side of my blog and sign up.

Post your lookbook usernames and I will fan you and stay in the loop with your style!
Below are a few of my favourite looks from today .....

Bea {x}

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