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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Urban Education: GEEK CHIC

TOPSHOP is continuing to stock logo branded garments stating; geek, nerd, dweeb and dork upon them. This urban look is continuing to grow and I have to admit I am guilty of purchasing one too many of these garments, as is my good friend Georgia. I rather like the concept of these looks and so I took it upon myself to mix up some of the branded garments straight off of the high-street with something new, something old and something borrowed.

Everyone has a geeky side whether they show it or not. We always see in the movies that it is seen as social-suicide to be the GEEK, and being dubbed the college nerd is most definitely seen as an insult these days. However, I disagree and as seen by Topshop it is now 'cool' to be a geek. Cara Delevigne is in favour of this 'urban education' look and gives it her edge. Topshop has dubbed this range as Urban Education, and has most definitely succeeded in making being the Geek seem trendy.

Here are some looks I put together, all high-street brands (completely and utterly affordable) mainly modelled by the beautiful Georgia Morley...although I do make an appearance. I have also put some looks together without the geek branding, however maintaining a similar style using niche brands such as Serge Denims (created by MIC star Oliver Proudlock) portraying the same high school style. 

Denim shorts - Boutique in Chelsea £65, Cropped top - Topshop £10, Bowler hat - H&M £6.99

Awesome Beanie and Crop Top - Lazy Oaf £20 and £25, Skater Skirt - American Apparel £45, Heeled Hiker Boots - Topshop £85

Burgundy Velvet Hair Schrunchie - Americal Apparel £12, Varsity Jacket - Topshop £48, Ribbed woolen tights - H&M £4.99, Leopard High-Tops - Nike £85

White sleeveless shirt - American Apparel £38, Skater skirt - Topshop £16, DWEEB sweater - Topshop £29

Denim Jacket - American Apparel £65, White shirt - American Apparel £38, Black skater dress - Primark £13, GEEK cropped top - Topshop £16, Black Leather Boots - Topshop £95

Printed Tee - Benetton £15, Faded Ripped Jeans - Topshop £35, Watch - Michael Kors £350, Boots - Topshop £95

Camo Sweater - Serge Denims £60, Denim Wash Skater Skirt - Topshop £22, Grey Beanie - American Apparel £20

Denim Jacket - American Apparel £65, DWEEB Cropped Top - Topshop £16, Denim Shorts - Boutique in Chelsea £65, High-tops - Nike £85

Bea {x}

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