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Friday, 17 May 2013

Beauty: Budget Buy: Baby Bottom Butter

By the title of this post many of you are probably thinking eh? I would! A strange story..We always have this product in our bathroom cupboard at home, we use it as a Vaseline sort of thing, for dying eyebrows and eyelashes etc.. Recently with the weather in London constantly changing, it has resulted in my skin becoming extremely dry and I've been feeling self-conscious and frustrated. I've used an array of moisturisers day/night but nothing seems to be a quick solution. The other day I thought; well Vaseline cures dry lips however its far too greasy to cover my face with (unless you want to look as though you buried your face in a frying pan) so I opted to try out the 'Baby Bottom Butter' and voila my skin genuinely feels like a baby's bottom. Even better so, it works unbelievably well as a primer! I have started applying a thin layer of the butter to my face followed by my Nivea Express Hydration Primer creating the smoothest base for applying your make up on to. 

Who would have thought for just £1 you could get skin as soft as a baby's bottom as well as a fabulous primer! No I didn't think it was possible either! In addition to this my skin has remarkably cleared up in such a short space of time. My favourite budget buy this week. You can buy this product in all Waitrose Supermarkets. Hope you enjoy it dolls! 

Bea {x} 

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