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Thursday, 9 May 2013

The Floral Way to Drink Green Tea

Being a lover of green tea, especially Jasmine green tea, my discovery of Flora Tea left me amazed. Never before have I seen such a thing, and whilst many may think that it may taste gross, your wrong, it tastes delightful and so pure! I stumbled across the company whilst strolling around the Grand Designs Show at the Excel in London. I came across a small stand with two young boys promoting it, I was handed a shot glass filled with Jasmine Tea and my gosh it was delicious. The aromas of the flower infuse the water so perfectly making a smooth and delicate tea.

At first I believed the flowers had been placed inside the glass for decoration...you know to sell the brand etc.. but when I engaged in conversation with the young gentlemen I discovered that the flower is in fact the source of the tea and that the flower grows once mixed with boiling water.

Flora teas are hand-tied individual green tea leaves with selected dried aromatic flowers forming a tea ball, which revels its secret centre when placed in boiling water, blooming into an artistic and captivating flower display with an enriching taste.

You can buy the tea on their online store at www.FLORATEA.com - I would recommend the tea as it is just divine!

Bea {x}

Flying Snow - Green Tea, Calendula, Coconut Fruit Fibre

Jasmine With Love - Green Tea, Jasmine

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