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Saturday, 11 May 2013

Hot to Trot

As the sunshine emerged from the clouds, I couldn't be more excited to whip out my Topshop suede wedges. Lets be honest unless you are 5ft 10 and stick thin, all of us ladies could benefit  from being elongated with a heel. Whether it's just chelsea boots with a mild heel or 6 inch wedges, as long as your not stepping out in what I like to call 'stripper' heels (aka stick thin 6" stilettos) then a heel is perfectly acceptable in the daytime.

Being only 5ft 5 myself I tend to always wear wedged heels in the daytime, mainly my Ox-Blood leather Chelsea boots which are pretty wrecked yet I'm too in love with them to let them go. I wish I had bought more than 1 pair as they are just so comfortable and flatter any outfit; but unfortunately Topshop decided to discontinue the boots in Ox-Blood. Boo Bloody Hoo.

One of the things I adore about spring/summer are the day parties, they're so great. I am a huge fan of Love Brunch London Events and attended Jamie Laing's Candy Kittens brunch a few months back. Now that the sun is out...well sometimes anyway, the legs can come out and so can the summer dresses, so for day events I would suggest wedges. They aren't too dressy yet elongate your legs and don't forget they look so CUTE and accentuate any outfit.

In addition to this, I have this current obsession with Topshop's range of frilly ankle socks...if you have the correct colours, then they literally go with any shoes, give or take a few styles (i.e. you couldn't pair these with a dainty pair of slingbacks). You can purchase 3 pairs for £8 which is fairly reasonable and they have a wide variety of colours and styles.

I have over 12 pairs in all different colours and styles, but my latest craze is the clash of socks and wedges! This look is definitely more daring and when I paired a pair of cream frilly socks with my taupe suede wedges I wasn't sure of the reaction I would get. Especially considering I paired them with a double denim accoutre of a skirt dungarees, a shirt and a 'chilby'. Don't gasp it isn't as bad as you think (stay posted for denim diaries next week) the shirt is faux denim. The reaction was fabulous, I had so many people stop me and ask where, why and, how I put this outfit together, so seeing as it was such a success I had to share it with all my guys and dolls!

Try this look out and I would love to hear about your variations and styles! Dare to be different.

Bea {x}

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