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Thursday, 9 May 2013

The Power of the Clutch

Evening bags are better off being minimal in size, yet still remaining a statement piece. We all know how frustrating it is queuing for the cloakroom at a venue, and of course, the endless queue at the end of the evening is far more ridiculous. The whole 'oh I need my lipgloss, it's in my bag' is a situation proven easy to resolve. Whereas men have pockets...we have CLUTCHES. 

A great accompaniment to any evening dress, the clutch is small and able to hold most of a woman's many necessities. We call these necessities but really they're just items of vanity which we cannot live without. Inside my clutch you will find my lipstick and often two lip glosses (depending on which one I feel like wearing), Iphone, mints, money (I usually put this in the zip pocket as my purse is more or less the same size as a clutch), 50ml Jean Paul Gaulthier - Classique eau de toilette, a comb and possibly some contents of my make up bag. Most of these items contribute to my appearance, yes, but it is all I need and therefore the power of the clutch bag succeeds on a night-out far beyond the handbag. 

This season is all about the citrus-brights, my love being lime yellow, heavy metallics and bold statement pieces. 

My Top 10 Clutches this season are:

1) Jimmy Choo £475, 2) Jimmy Choo £825, 3) Anya Hindmarch £795, 4) Nancy Gonzalez £1,103, 5&6) Chanel £1000+, 7) Anya Hindmarch £795, 8) Nancy Gonzalez £1,103, 9) Chanel £1000+, 10) Anya Hindmarch £350

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