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Thursday, 9 May 2013

FESTIVAL DES MÉTIERS: Hermès in the making

The Saatchi gallery is a prime hotspot for the most exclusive fashion exhibitions; Last year we saw Chanel's 'The Little Black Jacket' arrive right on our doorstep in London back in October - needless to say it was breathtakingly fabulous. This year they have brought us Festival des Métiers which will allow visitors to rendezvous with the much acclaimed craftspeople of Hermès, straight from the workshop in Paris.

Thierry Hermès was a harness and saddle maker from Paris, Thierry founded the brand in 1837 as a house of master harness-making and saddle-making. The brand became known as Hermès and has evolved through 6 generations of artisans. Although Hermès is still best-known for its leather goods, the brand has branched out into men's and women's fashion as well as further accessories such as their bespoke, hand printed silk scarves and fine jewellery.

This one week festival will feature an insight into the history of Hermès and contain live workshops, including how the silk scarves which have become so famous are hand-printed as well as the creation of handbags and fine-jewellry. This is a unique exhibition showing an inside view of how the luxurious pieces we have grown up to love so much, are really created.

Straight from China, the Festival des Métiers will arrive in London on May 21st and will continue till May 27th, after which the exhibition will proceed to Dusseldorf. There will be no charge for entry. 

See you there,

Bea {x}

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