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Friday, 10 May 2013

Imagine if there was such a thing as 'Drive-Thru Fashion'... Well there will be as of 2014

What is the first thing that pops into your head hearing the phrase 'Drive-Thru'? Im sure the first one was McDonalds, which i'm sure we are all guilty of visiting. However the idea of a drive-through department store never really crossed my mind. A sheer example of innovation and competition prevails as the Oxford Street, Luxury Department Store, Selfridges raises the bar again by announcing the construction of a Drive-Thru shopping service. 

Simon Forester, Selfridges' multi-channel director told the Evening Standard that "There will be a dedicated area providing the level of service you would expect from Selfridges, It will not just be the first drive-thru service, it will be the best." The idea is that customer does their shopping online from the comfort of their own home...or these days, anywhere on your smartphone. Customers will then be able to drive through and collect their items from a reception area without even having to exit their car. 

The construction of the Drive-Thru will take place on Edward Mews, behind the stores Oxford Street location and aims to be completed by January 2014. This is the worlds first drive through shopping service, meaning none of the other competing luxury London Department Stores; such as Harrods and Fortnum and Masons have the advantage of this new 1st class service. 

Selfridges have also announced a new text-message service which will ensure that customers do not miss their home deliveries, by sending out a text message stating the time of delivery and the location of the courier. Harrods did in fact have this service before Selfridges, but seeing as I work at Harrods I am aware that this has proven to be extremely successful and has reduced the amounts of missed deliveries resulting in less complaints. 

In addition to the drive-through shopping service, Selfridges have begun updating their website, making it easier for consumers to purchase quickly and efficiently to comply with the drive-through, ensuring everything will run smoothly when it does open in early 2014. 

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