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Thursday, 9 May 2013

CHANEL MOVIE: Once upon a time...

After much anticipation, Chanel's alluring short-film has finally been released. Bewitching us all with her elegance and grace, the beautiful Keira Knightly plays Gabrielle Chanel in the 13 minute long, black and white film, whilst her aunt, Adrienne Chanel is played by Clotilde Hesme.

Speech during the movie is slightly awkward at times, however this is understandable considering Karl Lagerfeld only gave Keira and Clotilde their lines just before the shot. The film shows Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel opening her first ever boutiqu, selling just maybe over a dozen hats and a few dresses all handmade by Gabrielle herself.

By the second day of opening her boutique in Paris, everything has SOLD OUT and Chanel is already taking orders from not only locals, but also from ladies of society all the way from London. I love that at the end of the short-film, one lady says "I love this new designer Chanel...It's very modern, I wonder what it would be a hundred years from now"- Chanel has grown to be one of, if not THE most elite designer house in the world, 'Coco' Chanel's legacy has followed through with her luxury brand maintaining its exclusivity, class, elegance and nonchalant qualities.

You can watch the film below, enjoy!

Bea {x}

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